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The five top reasons to Luminize your concrete floor:
1. BRIGHTER FLOORS:   Luminized floors reflect 40% more light than comparable unfinished concrete floors.  This means greater light and energy efficiency  and improved aesthetics.
2. LESS DUST:   The Luminize process involves removing the thin, milky top layer of your existing
concrete floor.  Much of the dust generated by concrete floors comes from the milky layer.  If simply
walking across an untreated concrete floor can produce dust, you can imagine what forklifts and
scraping pallet will produce. 

3. HARDER SURFACES:   Although you may not think of concrete as being a soft surface, under
magnification, you would find that it’s surface actually looks like a piece of Swiss cheese.  Left untreated, the porous surface will absorb spills and erode from use, causing tracks and puddles in a previously flat floor. 
A Luminized floor is treated with a densifying agent that chemically alters the makeup of the
concrete, making the surface progressively harder over time.  The agent penetrates several inches
into your floor,
filling in the microscopic holes and adding density to the concrete.

4. SCALABILITY:   Unlike other topcoat concrete finishes that change in appearance and character over time, a Luminized floor can be finished in phases.  For example, in an industrial or retail
setting, racks and machinery may periodically need to be reconfigured.  The yellowing and maturing
of other topcoat finishes typically reveal where these changes were made.  Getting a uniform look
would require stripping and refinishing the entire floor.

FLOORGEN's Luminized floors don’t change in character or color over time.  The process can be
performed in locations where machinery or bolted racks previously existed, even years after the initial
application.  By buffing a segment around the newly Luminized floor, the area can be blended almost
seamlessly with the existing floor.

  5. REASONABLY PRICED The Luminizing process may save you thousands or tens of thousands of
dollars, versus other floor finishes. The durability and flexibility of a Luminized floor make the process
an excellent value.